Individual Price

January $45
February $50
March $55
April $60

Relay Price

January $65
February $70
March $75
April $80

Current Gustavus Students

Individual $30
Student Relay $45

ARMED FORCES VETERANS: Email to participate for free!

Official Take the Hill Triathlon Guidelines 

A. General Rules 
1. Registrations are not transferable and are non-refundable. All athletes must participate using their own identities. 
2. Pacing by a non-competitor during any portion of the race is forbidden. Pacing by vehicles is also forbidden. 
3. Only athletes and officials will be allowed in certain designated areas (i.e. transition areas, finish line area). Triathletes are not permitted to have assistance during transitions or at any other point during the race with the exception of participants requiring assistance with adaptive equipment or special needs. 
4. The Chief Course Marshal and medical personnel have ultimate and final authority to remove a participant from the race if (a) they have violated any of the rules of the race or (b) the individual is judged to be incapable of finishing the race safely. 
5. Participants who drop out of the race must notify the nearest course marshal. Those who drop out for medical reasons should also check with the medical personnel. Official race vehicles will be marked as such, and are equipped with cellular telephones. 
6. Good sportsmanlike conduct is expected of all participants. 
7. All participants MUST be 16 years of age or older unless accompanied by an adult. 
8. The use of headsets is prohibited. 
9. Failure to comply with any or all the rules may result in immediate disqualification, or other penalties as assessed by the Race Committee. 

B. Swim Course 
1. Swimmers are required to have “Race Numbers” marked on 1 shoulders and 1 calves. These will be applied by race officials before the start of the race. 
2. Shorts, swimsuits or triathlon suits must be worn; however no snorkels, fins, paddles, pull buoys, flotation devices or buoyancy suits are allowed. 
3. Swimmers shall swim 10 laps (20 lengths) in the 25 yard pool. 
4. No escorts are allowed in the water; however assistance given by a lifeguard for temporary support will not result in disqualification provided the competitor’s forward progress is not assisted. 
6. Swim caps provided by the race organizers must be worn by all competitors. 
7. The swim portion of the event finishes when an athlete exits the pool and crosses over the timing mate. 

C. Bicycle Course 
C.1. General Biking Rules 
1. Absolutely no drafting another bike or any vehicle. A bike will be considered drafting when the bike is within 3 bike lengths or 2 bike widths of another bike, or 10 lengths of a vehicle for 15 seconds or longer (see Drafting Regulations). 
2. All competitors are solely responsible for the actual repair and maintenance of their bicycles and equipment. Repairs are allowed to bicycles during the course of the race. However competitors are not allowed to change wheels or bicycles during the race. 
3. Cyclists must heed the rules of the road according Minnesota law. However, marshals will be available to assist cyclists through “stop” signs, although the cyclist should be prepared to stop at these intersections. 
4. Bicycles may be walked, carried or run, but an athlete must finish with his/her bicycle in his/her possession. The cycle portion finishes when an athlete places his/her bicycle on the bike rack in the transition area before commencing the run. 
5. Helmets are mandatory. Helmets must be properly fastened at all times while on the bike. 
6. Bikes must be walked in/out of the transition area. 
7. All cyclists must complete the whole out and back course (12.5 miles). 
8. All bicycles must have a water bottle cage or a place to store a water bottle. 
9. A bare torso is not permitted while cycling. 

C.2. Drafting Regulations 
Any competitor found to be in violation of the drafting rules by the Course Marshal will be subject to the drafting penalty. Violators will be directed by the Drafting Marshal to bring their bike to a complete stop, dismount and with both feet on one side of the bike lift the bike so that both wheels are no longer in contact with the ground. When satisfied that the violator has completed the “Stop and Go” penalty, the Drafting Marshal will allow the competitor to continue the cycle portion. Any competitor found to be guilty of more than one drafting violation by the Drafting Marshal may be disqualified by the race jury after the race has been completed. Disqualifications will be posted within one hour after the last finisher crosses the finish line. Competitors on the disqualification list will have thirty (30) minutes after the publication of the list to protest their disqualification. The decision of the race jury in all matters will be final. 

D. Run Course 
1. Runners must complete one lap of the run route (3.1 miles). No form of locomotion on other than running or walking is permitted. 
2. Runners’ numbers must be visible from the front. Runners must keep to the side of the road as directed by the race marshals. 
3. A bare torso is not permitted while running. 

E. Team Specific Rules 
1. Teams start at the same time as individual competitors. 
2. Swimmer must wear the ankle band provided and hand it off to the cyclist in the transition area. 
3. Cyclist must fasten wrist band before removing the bike from the bike rack, and return the bike to the bike rack before handing the ankle band off to the runner.